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Liberty Day 2024

Liberty Day 2024

Jun 29, 2024

Liberty Day Celebration

Liberty Day Event Traffic Information


Public Parking Locations:

1.    Former Cave Spring Elementary School – Entrance on Floyd St only (Next to Cave Spring Market). Exit on School Lane only (Next to funeral home).


2.    Rolater Park – Access Points off Cedartown St will be entrance only (In front of Baptist Church).  Exit on Rolater Dr to Georgia Ave (in front of City Hall)

These are both one-way in and one-way out only up to the event, signs will be posted


Departure from Cave Spring after the event:

1.    Former Cave Spring Elementary – Exit on School Lane only (Next to funeral home). An officer will be present to assist.


2.    Rolater Park – Access points on Cedartown St will both become exits.

a.    The southern exit will go to CEDARTOWN only

b.    The northern exit will go toward the RED LIGHT only.

c.    The Rolater Dr exit will go either: to the RED LIGHT or toward LYONS BRIDGE


These will not be altered during the event and signs will be posted



Road Closures:

1.    Georgia Ave will be closed from 9:30PM to 10:30PM during the fireworks display.

2.    The drive at City Hall will be closed from Friday (6/28) at 4:30PM – Saturday at 11:00PM



If you have any questions please contact City of Cave Spring City Hall at 706-777-3382.



Additional Event Information:

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